Kirs Royal

A sensational cocktail combining blackcurrant liqueur and Bourgogne Aligoté, a typical white wine. Let yourself be overcome by the fruity and strengthened aromas of this classic drink and match it up with several appetizers and main dishes on the menu.

Spanish coffee

The perfect choice that will go well with your dessert. Mixing the sweet and spicy aromas of Tia Maria to a fruity and medium body brandy, it has a smooth and comforting taste. Decorated with a topping of whipped cream and a coffee bean.

Brazilian coffee

An exotic cocktail coffee that combines the citrus-flavored Grand Marnier, a shot of tangy brandy and the spicy aromas of Tia Maria. A perfect blend of tastes to free your crazy side.

Brouilly, Georges Duboeuf

A french vintage red wine with notes of fruits : berries, cherries, plums, and a subtle violet fragrance. Light, silky and hearty, it is simply delicious.

Valpolicella, Folonari

Italian red wine underlined by fleshy tastes of cherries and grapes, and enhanced by soft notes of violet. Fruity, fine and dry, it fits perfectly with seafood appetizers, poultry recipes and fish dishes.

Muscadet, La Sablette

A delicious French white wine. Its lovely combination of apples, green grapes and lemon twists grant its yellow-green color, its musky flavor and its sweet taste. Its aromatic freshness provides tonic and refreshing vertues, and is the ideal pairing with the soft fleshy texture and the mild sweet taste of seafood.

Chablis Cuvée St-Martin, Domaine Laroche

A succulent French white wine that teems with a harmonious balance between juicy fruits, citrus fruits, trail fruits and floral notes. Its sweet and savoury aromas and its elegant mineral core justify its subtle and fruity taste. An ideal compromise if you are tempted in a caustic but simple wine.

Pinot gris Pfaffenheim, Alsace

Alsace white wine with sweet and sour grapes, pears and fruit salad fragrances. The acid and sweet flavors of these tender fruits lend to the wine a smooth, well-balanced and exceptionally fresh taste. Its weak salty flavor and fish dishes are a good match.


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