Famous Ty-Breiz Salad (with or without garlic)

Soft and crisp butter lettuce sprinkled with thin slices of garlic cloves and enhanced by a garlic dressing. For a simple and sophisticated blend of flavours. An inescapable appetizer!

Ty-Breiz onion soup au gratin

Onion soup simmered in a white wine sauce, garnished with tasty croutons and topped with a cream cheese glaze. A delicious hot appetizer for small eaters or to precede a main course.

Snails in garlic

Snails served in the shell. Slightly raised in the olive oil and sprinkled with minced garlic for a subtle, but amazing taste. Pacific pearls that awake your taste buds and melt in your mouth. A real treat!

Home made soup

Succulent potage de poireaux, communément appelé potage Ty-Breiz, ou un potage du jour variant au gré des saisons.

Pot de vinaigrette maison
Cheese, ham and asparagus crepe

Delicious green asparaguses wrapped in thin ham slices and in a mouthwatering melting cheese, all rolled up in a golden crepe. The best balanced meal to kick off your day.

Cheese, ham and apples crepe

A decadent cheese, generously poured on camarelized apples and on thin ou slender, fine slices of fresh ham, embedded in a natural dough, thoroughly rolled. A greedy sweet and savoury pancake to provide some warmth and comfort to your heart.

Mushrooms, béchamel sauce and asparagus crepe

A nice and simple recipe made for vegetarians. Stuffed with chopped mushrooms, soft asparaguses and covered with a velvety béchamel sauce, it releases a sweet and subtle taste, reminding the delicate aromas of nature. For a light and healthy meal.

Mushrooms, béchamel sauce and shrimps

Sauteed mushrooms and small grilled shrimps, marinated in a hot, rich and creamy béchamel sauce. Covered with a thin and crispy crust. Say hello to this wonderful old-fashioned lunch!

Coquille St-Jacques

Perfect and harmonious combination of crab, shrimps, scallops and fish, stressed by vegetables, seasoning purposes and a béchamel sauce. Decorated with cheese browned to perfection, this crispy seafood bed to the surface, fluffy inside, is definitely a guilty pleasure for seafood lovers.

Coquille de fruits de mer et poisson

Un lit de fruit de mer (poisson, crevette, pétoncle et palourde) recouverte d’une délicieuse sauce légèrement tomatée, agrémentée de fromage suisse gratinée. Croustillante à la surface, moelleuse à l’intérieur, un incomparable péché mignon pour les amateurs de crustacés.

Beef steak with shallot

A tender and hearty piece of meat rested in a little red and coated with a thin layer of honey dijon mustard dressing, for a taste a bit spicy. Sprinkled with slivered shallots and raw spices, this dish is lip licking good. As a accompaniment, why not enjoy a glass of aromatic and soft or aromatic and fleshy wine, so you can spice up your meal?

Foie de veau

Tranche de foie poêlée, tendre et rosée à l’intérieur, croustillante et dorée à l’extérieur et nappée d’échalote française légèrement caramélisées, avis aux amateurs!

Cuisses de grenouille

Des cuisses de grenouilles fondantes généreusement enduites de beurre à l’ail maison et dorées à la perfection.

Garlic scampis

Huge pearly scampis coated with lemon juice, thin shallot strips, a hint of crumbled garlic and seasonings. Taste this succulent main course that perfectly shades sweet and savoury flavourings.

Chou-fleur au jambon gratiné
Cauliflower with ham au gratin

Awesome chowder with diced ham and roasted cauliflower florets, bathed in a classic béchamel sauce and topped with crackling cheese. You are a fan of your grandmother’s heartening recipes? You will be crazy about the cauliflower and ham gratin. It’s a promise!


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