Our specialties

Our lunch menu

Delicious meals with authentic taste. You will be transported to the heart of the Brittany region.

Full menu

Delicious meals with authentic taste. You will be transported to the heart of the Brittany region.

Our Alcohols

Paired your dinner with cider or a nice bottle of wine.

Our main course

Our crêpes will make you travel straight to brittany. You can have it on white flower or buckwheat flower.
Our fantasy crepes were created for ty-breiz only once you try it you won't be able to stop.

Our desserts

Sweet tooth? Try our dessert crepes.

Our appetizers

Not too hungry? Have a look on our appetizers you won't be able to resist.

Our tables d'hôtes

All of our mains can be upgraded in table d'hôte. Just add the price indicated to your main meal.

Our specialities menu

Try our specilaty dishes from surf to turf you will find something to please your pallot.


Tradition & Passion

The colour and tradition of Brittany has been the inspiration for our charming restaurant for more than 50 years. Our kitchen has built its reputation on the greatest attention to detail and to the quality of ingredients that we serve. As well, our clients have always appreciated the warm, informal welcome we have always provided.




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I was seven or eight when I started coming to Ty-Breiz. My mother would give me change to buy a crêpe. I kept coming back?it's where I took my wife on our first date! We keep coming, even after we moved to Saint-Jean.

François Marcotte Customer since 1995

"It's simply the best place in Montréal for crêpes. My friend and I have actually christened it the Mother House! We can always find a good reason to eat a delicious meal here, consisting of the must-have Ty-Breiz salad, a cheese and asparagus crêpe, and a cup of their excellent coffee!"

Ghislaine Pelletier Customer since 2000

"Ty-Breiz is my favourite restaurant. Well located, welcoming, wonderful ambiance, great food, attentive staff? who could ask for anything more?"

Gilles Leroux Customer since 1979


Votre Crêperie est fermée pour un temps encore indéterminé.

Aucune ouverture prévus dans un avenir rapproché.

Après plusieurs décennies l'administration actuelle prend sa retraite.

Merci pour toutes les belles années passées à vous servir.


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